The project "TANGIBILE" (that means "tangible") is an attempt to make something completely different from my previous works.

It mixes two different ways I used photography before: to represent myself and to portray other men. In these pictures there's always me plus one (or more!) other man. You can see them as "self-portraits with..." pictures.

It's all about body, the interaction between bodies, gestures and actions, shapes and forms that join and melt. It's about the relationship that men can or want to have with my body, knowing I am HIV positive and seeing my body completely naked as it is. Sometimes it goes to erotic, sometimes not.

There are no rules in the process of making, apart from being together, in contact. It's something more "performative" than "photographic" and you can actually see the pictures as a sort of "documentation".

There isn't any will of idealising the body, there isn't any "correction" in the editing. Bodies and what they do, are, become together.

TANGIBILE, 2016/2017.